College Logo Printing on Yeti Mugs: Show Your Spirit!

College Logo PrintingYour college logo is a source of pride. Reminds you of the good old days at the alma mater, singing the school song, chanting at the big games, waving your flags in the faces of the opposition. Back then, the college logo was everywhere. Now that you’re off-campus, though, how can you maintain that spirit? It’s simple. Get it printed on everything you own! Or better yet, laser-etch it for complete permanence. Or perhaps you are a college (or a representative thereof), looking to get your college logo printed on items for sale in the campus store. In that case, you’re probably going to want to order in bulk. Good news: we love bulk orders! The bigger, the better. One time, we printed so many travel mugs with college logos that it completely filled our warehouse, and we had to navigate a maze to get to the machines.

That story’s not true, but someday it will be. Will it be your college logo order that makes it a reality? If you already have the items you’d like to see your college logo on, you can ship them to us for printing. Or, if you’d prefer, we can take care of the entire process. You just send us your information, and we’ll order the items you need, print or etch your college logo into them, and send them straight to you! Nothing could be easier. If you’re proud of your college, then display your college logo with pride. We’re here to help you do that! Our custom processes will make sure that your logo is displayed beautifully, precisely and indelibly. Whether we’re printing or laser-etching for you, you can be sure that your product will be a source of pride.

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Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers

Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers
Custom Printed Pelican TumblersCustom Printed Pelican Tumblers – We can offer Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers and print any color on either the 22 ounce or 32 ounce Pelican Traveller Tumbler. These tumblers feature a lifetime warranty and will keep your beverage hot (or cold!) for days, not hours. Pelican tumblers outperform all other competitors in virtually every category. They feature a screw-on (not press-fit) lid, with a slide closure that resists spilling. Backed by Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence, these Tumblers will really outshine any other tumbler on the market today. By choosing Pelican, you are saying to your customers and your employees that you care about quality and the reliability of the products you supply.
Pelican has a decades-long history of high performance and qualityPrinting Pelican Tumblers craftsmanship, and you can use that brand image to help promote your brand as well with Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers. Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers – Our proprietary printing process utilizes the latest technology to ensure that your logo or company name is presented in the best possible light. We can print in virtually any color, and our super-durable inks will not scratch or fade. This means that you’re buying a product that will last your customers years, not months, all the while proudly showcasing your company’s information. With turnaround times of days, (not weeks or months), there’s still time to get that perfect Christmas present for your team. Our team of printing experts will handle all aspects of your project from start to finish, from the design process all the way to packing and shipping Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers right to your door.
Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers – You may be saying to yourself that all these great features come at a tremendous cost. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that even though Pelican is leagues above the competition as far as quality and design goes, we are not any higher cost than the other name brands such as Yeti. In fact, our tumblers hold approximately 10% more liquid than the comparably sized Yeti tumblers, so you’re getting a far better value with Pelican than you will with any other tumbler on the market.

We Offer Custom Printed Pelican Tumblers In Color or Laser Engrave Them!

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Customizable Mug Yeti Tumblers

Customizable Mug

Customizable MugYeti Printer Yeti Engraver – Two titles that you could call us by. Regardless of whether you want your design etched, engraved or printed, we will always deliver a quality emblem onto your Customizable Mug. We put forth a valiant effort because we know what they are worth. One could say that we, “keep it 100.” If you need a bunch of Yeti Tumblers Laser Engraved, Etched or Pad Printed, this is the right place for your Customizable Mug. We offer fantastic service! We send a virtual mockup with engraving or print placement on your item before we proceed with the actual print or engraving work on your Customizable Mug. Yeti Printer Yeti Engraver. Custom Cup Imprinting. We have fantastic turn-around times and can work with you to get your Yeti Tumblers, Coalsters, or Lowballs Printed and shipped when YOU NEED THEM. We can print any PMS Color although we prefer darker colors or those with lots of contrast. White Ink looks just as nice, but it requires two hits to really lay down a dense layer of print on a Customizable Mug. (Just like in T-shirt Printing but on a Customizable Mug.) We are a Yeti Printer and Yeti Engraver. We Can Pad Print & Engrave On YETIs, RTICs and any kind of metal or plastic cup. Pad Printing on Metal Cups is what we do best and we’re great at printing onto your Customizable Mug! WE Love Laser Engraving Yetis too! We Laser Engrave and Pad Print all kinds of stuff, however we have specialty equipment that helps ensure that we correctly print or engrave stainless steel mugs the correct way. Yeti Printer Yeti Engraver – We Specialize in Printing Stainless Steel Mugs like Yetis & RTICS, we know the in’s and out’s of a Customizable Mug, or in our case… several hundred thousand.

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